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In-Home Services

Cornerstone Behavioral Services offers a variety of in-home services for all ages. Our services range from our pre-school learner programs to our adult learner programs.  All of our programs are carefully constructed to meet the needs of the learner.

Pre-school Learners
We offer home-based early learner programs for toddlers and young children. Your child will work with trained therapists who target individualized goals that will ensure your child is prepared for their future. Programs focus on language development, social skills training, and behavior management strategies. Children will have the opportunity to generalize their skills in one of our social skills groups. All of our programs are designed and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to ensure ongoing progress and monitoring.

School Aged Learners
We offer in-home ABA therapy for school aged children (Kindergarten to High School). Our programs are individually designed to meet the needs of the learner. Assessment and program development is completed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). All programs are implemented by Bachelors level Behavior Therapists and/ or Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). Programs can be designed to address a variety of concerns including: language development, social skills, behavioral management, self-management, compliance and the development of independent skills. Children will have the opportunity to generalize their social skills in one of our groups.

Adult Learners
We offer in-home ABA therapy for adult learners (18 and over). Our programs are individualized and designed to meet the clients needs. All adult learners are screened using assessment tools that match their areas of need which allows for a comprehensive and individualized plan. Our adult learner programs focus on social skills, behavior management, and generalization of skills into the natural environment facilitating transitions into their future.

Feeding Programs for Children with Food Selectivity
All programs are individually designed to facilitate success and generalization of eating. Our team works on exposure and integration of novel foods into children's diets. Programs rely on evidence based practice and working collaboratively with the team.

Cornerstone Behavioral Services is dedicated to providing all individuals with disabilities the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their skills in a collaborative envirnoment.

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About Us

Cornerstone Behavioral Services is an agency based in Long Island, NY which has been serving in and around our neighbouring communities providing families with supported treatments for children with developmental disabilities.

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